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Chinese Business Communication

China has always been more than a country for the Westerners. And today it remains a mind-boggling phenomenon difficult to comprehend. So when Western businesses come to China, they often inadvertently ignore the subtleties of the Chinese business style and … Continue reading

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What is Chinglish?

Dear Reader, I know that you came here to read about Chinese economy, but today I want to write about a seemingly unrelated issue. If you wish to read more about the economy please look through older posts. Chinglish. Everybody … Continue reading

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Chinese Labor Unions

As Jonathan Adams from Newsweek notes, despite its adherence to Communist ideals, China has never been known as a bastion of workers’ rights. However, the situation has begun to change this year with passing of the new Labor Law. In … Continue reading

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Russia and China Cooperation

Just fifteen years ago, Heihe was a small Chinese village with a couple of dim lights visible at night. This offered a dramatic contrast with the large Russian port of Blagoveschensk, located on the opposite bank of Amur. The contrast … Continue reading

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Chinese Real Estate Bubble

I will start off my first post by trying to answer the question that concerns the Chinese themselves most these days. Will China’s real estate bubble burst? There are indeed a few precursors to the bubble. First, in the wake … Continue reading

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